PROJECT RHINO embodies modern offroad and comfort features at anaffordable price level below 7.5t. We make sure to get you out there, and present yet another reason to embark on the journey of your dreams!
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Rentals are completely booked until spring 2022, but we will open our calendars in November for bookings May 1 2022 onwards, and will let you know in advance once bookings are again possible.
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Wildlife conservation is powerful.

A new way of travelling is emerging. KRUG EXPEDITION believes that tourism informed by conservation efforts, and carried out ethically and sustainably is the only way to ensure a thriving ecosystem.

KRUG EXPEDITION PROJECT RHINO collaborates closely with the South African conservation Nkombe Rhino. A portion of the proceeds from every PROJECT RHINO sold or rented directly benefits projects carried out by Nkombe Rhino.
Nowadays, poaching is the biggest threat to the safety and wellbeing of wildlife in South Africa. Alongside Nkombe Rhino’s vision, hopefully one day we will see wild and free-running rhinos with their magnificent horns, without ever being threatened to be killed for it. Watch the video and get a stark reminder that all existence is in relationship, and what we imagine, feel and create, and how we think and act matters.
‘Supporting Nkombe Rhino through PROJECT RHINO puts us where we need to be: front and center, doing everything we can to support every effort to save precious wildlife. The goal is to transform our involvement into a long term impact program, and we are looking forward to this journey with curiosity.’
Stephan Gorovoy